The major activity of our company is the manufacturing of auto spare parts with vacuum forming technique (termoform)by using ABS, PS, PE, and other polymer plastic raw material ( Front grille, door panels, radiator plastics, step plastics, roof coating, mud guard, dashboards) and medical plastic products (hospital patient bed, stretcher, dressing trolley, operating table, gynecological table plastics, thermo tray)

* Chrysler, Askam Trucks and Truck Commercial Vehicles,
* Otokar, Magirus, Karsan J9 Minibus,
* Isuzu, Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles,
* Bus Seat Plastics (Mercedes, MAN, Neoplan),
* Accessory Products and Car Air-Conditioner Covers,
* Medical Device Plastics,
* Thermo Tray for Hospital and Food Companies,
* Acrylic Lighting Fixtures,

Robot Cutting 6 Axes

the clients, located in Ankara Gersan Industrial Estate 2700 m² building.

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